Hopefully this page will answer some of the more specific questions you may have about Tim Curry & this website.

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1. Is he married?

No. Tim has never been married. He has referred to the fact he was 'almost married' once, many years ago in an interview.

2. Does he have a current partner?

Tim is a remarkably private man and always has been. He may have a partner but if so there is no public reference to them either from Tim himself or any other source.

3. What is Tim's sexuality?

I don’t talk about who I’m fucking or whether I’m in love. It’s of paramount interest to me and very little interest to your readers. If it is of interest to them, then fuck ‘em.
— Tim Curry - ‘After Dark’ - March 1975

4. Does he have any children?

No. Tim does not have any children.

5. We read the biography and enjoyed it very much. (Awgh Shucks! Thanks!) But we hardly find out anything about Tim’s personal life, why?

Ah, the answer to this is quite simple. As discussed above Tim is a very private man and the details of his personal life have remarkably remained largely unknown. As Tim gets older he has discussed more aspects regarding his early life and some personal insights into his early career – but I’m afraid he remains largely a mystery. But hey – his professional achievements provide us with plenty to marvel at. We say good for Tim for keeping his private life private and creating a career through his talent alone!

6. Okay. But what about his family? Any ideas?

Tim has one older sister, Judith, who passed away in 2001. He has a nephew and two nieces. Tim's mother passed away in June 1999 after a two year battle with cancer.  His father died at age 45, when Tim was 12.

7. Is he from a theatrical family?

No. His father was a Royal Navy Chaplain & his mother was a School Secretary. His maternal grandfather was also in the Navy and his father’s father was a miner and builder.

8. Did Tim go to University?

Yes. Tim went to Birmingham University in the UK between 1965 – 1968. It is wrongly quoted on many fan sites and editorials that Tim attended Cambridge University. Tim never studied at Cambridge – he graduated from Birmingham in 1968 and secured himself a job in Hair the same year. He spent a gap year (when he left high school in 1964) travelling and working on boats in Morocco, France & Belgium before attending university in 1965.  

9. Where does he live now?

Tim currently lives in Los Angeles and has since 1988.

10.How tall is he?

Tim is about 5 8” tall. He is listed in casting directories as 5 9” but he admits he is under this height in actuality. 

11.How old is he?

Tim is 73. He was born on the 19th of April 1946.

12. What colour are his eyes?

Tim’s eyes are green.

13. Does Tim have a fan club?

Tim does not have an Official Fan Club – he used to have one in the 70s complete with newsletters and personal notes from the man himself. However, legend has it that Tim closed the club down after bickering between fans became unbearable and people were becoming upset. It’s rumoured he said from that day on he would never allow another Official Fan Club to start up for the sake of everyone’s feelings and sanity.

14. So. Is this an official website?

No. At the moment this website is completely unofficial and we have no direct contact with Tim.

15. So you can’t get me in touch with Tim?

If we feel your request is suitable we may pass it on to Tim's management.

16. Do you know how I can contact him?

You can write to Tim c/o of his UK management:

Tim Curry (FANMAIL)

C/O The Artists Partnership

101 Finsbury Pavement,

London, EC2A 1RS


US Address TBC

Please note Tim does not personally reply to his fan mail because of time restraints.  Do not send anything valuable as it is not guaranteed you will ever get it back. Although Tim does not reply to letters he has mentioned reading his fan mail in various interviews.

17. Can I write to his home address?

Tim has stated that he does not open fan mail that finds its way to his home.

18. I have a Tim Curry Collection. Where can I find a copy of…

If you’re looking for a certain dvd, video, photograph, playbill, record etc etc we’re living in an exciting age for completing your collection. Ebay is always a fantastic source as are sites such Amazon. Rarer television is forever being added to youtube – where you can see lots of things that are unavailable to purchase.

19. I’ve heard Tim hates Rocky Horror, is this true?

No – Tim has only ever spoken fondly of Rocky Horror.

20. What’s he up to at the moment?

Be sure to check out our ‘Latest News’ section or follow us on Twitter @TimCurryNews where we will try and keep you updated!

21. Does Tim use Social Media?

No. Tim does not personally use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Any accounts using his name are fan-made.